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Offshore wind farm MFW Bałtyk I is the third project carried out jointly by Equinor and Polenergia.

Implementation of the project is currently in its early phase. It has obtained a decision for the erection and operation of artificial islands (OLL) - area of up to 128,5 km2. Connection condition for 1560 MW was granted in January 2019. MFW Bałtyk I project is situated on the border of the Polish exclusive economic zone around 81 km from the shore at the height of the Łeba Municipality. The Baltic Sea provides excellent wind conditions, which makes offshore wind farms a stable source of renewable energy.

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The grand finale of the Equinor and Polenergia offshore wind energy competition

Almost 120 works on offshore wind energy were created as part of an art competition organized by Equinor and Polenergia. The competition was the culmination of the education campaign "One sea, many benefits. Offshore wind energy in my region", which was attended by almost 1500 students from six primary schools in the Słupsk region. The final of the competition with prizes took place in the Lądowisko Kultury in Redzikowo near Słupsk.

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The year 2024 will bring important decisions for the Baltic offshore wind farms

Construction permits for the Baltic II and Baltic III offshore wind farms, and further preparing the Baltic I farm project for auction are the most important milestones Equinor and Polenergia expect in 2024. The last 12 months have brought the implementation of the Baltic projects much closer. Three wind farms with a total capacity of 3 GW will supply more than 4 million households with renewable energy.

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